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Course Details

Washington Community Property: Tax Issues

Course Details: Open

Date: 11/05/2019

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Location: Vancouver Community Library

901 C Street

Vancouver, WA

Course Type: CPA Technical

Credits: 4.00

Course Level: Update/Review

Instructor: James J. Jurinski

Audience: Designed for CPAs, CFPs and other financial professionals who provide estate planning counseling.

Price: $130.00


A technical course covering community property rules and their tax impact on important financial decisions.

Description: Every local CPA and financial advisor needs a good grounding in the Washington community property rules. Washington’s community property rules not only have a tax impact at divorce, but may potentially apply in every transaction a spouse makes. The community property rules can have a major impact when acquiring or selling both business and personal assets. Categorization of property and debts can be complex as clients often move between, and in and out of community property states.

Learn About: 

  • Distinguishing between community and separate property 
  • Commingling rules
  • Common form 1040 issues 
  • Spouses working in two states
  • Bringing non-community property into Washington
  • Community property agreements
  • Ante nuptial agreements
  • Spousal gifts
  • Joint tenancies
  • Federal preemption including retirement benefits and ERISA
  • Tax issues selling community real estate
  • Business and investment profits
  • Divorce tax rules
  • Community property on a spouse's death
  • Overview of federal Gift and Estate Tax rules

Instructor:  Jim Jurinski, Attorney/CPA (Oregon and Washington). Jim is the author or co-author of a number of books and articles on estate planning and taxes, including Tax and Financial Planning, For The Closely Held Family Business published by American Law Institute-American Bar Association. more»

*Credit varies by profession. Please see our page on Professional CPE Requirements.